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February 5, 2012
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OC's: We are the Strange by IAMTHESTRANGE OC's: We are the Strange by IAMTHESTRANGE
Oh em gee, it's finally done! Here's a super fresh, updated chart/sheet of my OC:s. I highly recommend full-view, this thing is a beast!

Made it because 1) I love my OC:s but mostly have shitty and unfinished pictures of them, 2) I'm absolutely sick of my old [link] chart/sheet/whatever, 3) I really wanted to draw them all together.

I really really tried to keep the descriptions short, but... you can see how that went. I understand if no one reads it, haha! Anyway.... Who's your favourite? : D

Ismael, 21: Red eyes, grey hair. Albino, very tall, gaunt. Looks generally unwell. Extremely lazy bastard who’s indifferent to nearly everything and everyone. He’s very tactless. Sometimes he chops people up with a katana.
And sometimes I call him Ichiro because I honestly can’t decide which fits him better.

Liv, 16: Blue eyes, silver blonde hair. Albino, very petite. She’s bi-polar, and rather... odd. She has a pretty loose grasp of reality. Likes soft things, like kittens, and follows Ismael around.

Alice, 19: Hacienda yellow eyes, Purple/violet magenta hair. Tall for a girl, very colourful. She’s sassy and easygoing, plays the drums, likes japanese stuff like anime, manga and harajuku fashion. Max is her best friend, and Sam her cousin.

Maximilian, 18: Dark purple eyes, pink hair. Fun-loving and good-natured. Loves plushies, swears a lot, sings and plays guitar in a band together with Alice. He has a broken heart, and drinks coffee because he think it makes him cool. Best friends with Alice.

Samael, 20: Fjord blue eyes, deep cerise pink hair. Very pale and very thin. Thoughtful and caring, likes video games and nice clothes. He’s a tarot reader, hobby hairstylist and a waiter at November’s café. He usually doesn’t show it, but he suffers from depression. He doesn’t like potatoes. Gabriel is his boyfriend, and Alice his cousin.

Gabriel, 20: Marine blue eyes, blonde hair. Laidback and geeky. Likes skateboarding, comics and video games. He’s rather near-sighted. Samael is his boyfriend.

Ptolemy, damn old: Golden eyes, dark brown hair. Tall, athletic, egyptian, has three thick scars across the right side of his face. A proud, short-tempered ex-demon with a fondness for fighting and reading. He and Raven are lovers since forever. They’re immortal in the sense that they are reborn whenever they die, except they aren’t exactly born, they just appear somewhere looking somewhere between 10 and 25 in age. They never get older than ~25 before they die.

Raven, damn old too, but younger than Ptolemy: Dark fuchsia eyes, dark brown hair. Extremely petite but curvy, egyptian. She’s adventurous, easygoing and quirky, but since she’s a thousand years old she kind of lost track of her moral code. She’s kind of goth, and Ptolemy’s lover for ever and ever.

Bambi, 15: One big grey eye, blonde dreads. Short, pale. Her right eye is sewn up, and she dresses mostly in red, white and black. She’s stubborn, rash and uh, sorta violent. But she means well. Maybe. She’s a self-proclaimed medic, and has made a habit out of popping out of nowhere to patch people up when needed. She’s terrible at remembering names and faces.

Eliska, ?: Black eyes (no eye whites or anything), straight, dark grey hair. Skinny with mud coloured skin. Not human. Has some sort of ritual paint on her face. She’s a vigilant and cruel shaman who likes human meat. She and Alenka makes their living as bounty hunters. They mostly go after those wanted dead-or-alive, confiscate the head to claim the bounty and eat the rest of the victim.

Alenka, ?: Pearl white eyes, rose red hair. Her face looks like a scarred porcelain mask. She’s a reckless, lean mean killing machine. Like Eliska she’s not human, but likes the taste of said meat. She’s very sensitive to sunlight and has fangs (kind of like a shark). I have no idea how she’s able to sport perfect ringlets when all she ever does is running around in the forest. Also, she’s the worst loser. Ever.

Carousel, 17: Yellow eyes, pink ringlet hair. She’s happy-go-lucky, childish and very resourceful. She’s also extremely impulsive, and hardly ever thinks before she does something. She’s a hobby machinist/inventor and loves sweets, tea and ghost stories. She’s BFF with Jukebox, and they’re real troublemakers.

Jukebox, 18: Right eye is pale blue, left eye is brown, hair changes often both colour and cut, but is usually purple. Vaguely asian. She’s energetic and outgoing, and works part-time as a keyboard demonstrator. She loves to experiment on her hair, but handles failures pretty bad. She's clairvoyant.

Stereo, 19: Bleach blonde hair, vermillion eyes. Has snakebite piercings. A loyal, bossy and short-tempered tomboy who likes to kick ass. She’s very load, and about as friendly as a badger.

Evangeline, 18: Grey eyes, heavy lids, brown hair, over all russian appearance. She’s a quiet and brainy witch, who dislikes wobbly chairs and crooked paintings. She always manages to knock things over unintentionally.

November, ~300: Black eyes with turquoise cross-shaped pupils. Has a stitched scar on her forehead and a stretched septum piercing. Hair changes a lot but is usually turquoise, brown or purple. She’s a tall and androgynously built shape-shifter, and usually sports delicate antlers and floppy deer-like ears. However, if she feels like it she can have black skin, poofy tail, cat ears etc. She’s a spunky, creative café owner & confectioner, who loves sweets and nature.
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